Michael Steele Blasts Fox News Host Jesse Watters for Trying to Reveal Trump Trial Jurors

Former RNC chair Michael Steele slams Fox News' Jesse Watters for trying to reveal anonymous jurors in Trump's hush money trial, calling it a blatant attempt to undermine the judicial process.

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Michael Steele Blasts Fox News Host Jesse Watters for Trying to Reveal Trump Trial Jurors

Michael Steele Blasts Fox News Host Jesse Watters for Trying to Reveal Trump Trial Jurors

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele strongly criticized Fox News host Jesse Watters for attempting to reveal information about anonymous jurors in Donald Trump's 2024 hush money trial. Steele called Watters a "pathetic little tool" for his actions, which Steele believes are aimed at undermining the judicial process.

During his prime-time show on Fox News, Watters discussed details about a juror in the trial, including her occupation, education, and living situation. Steele said Watters was "literally trying to gin up crap about the jury" and pointed out that the judge made the jurors' identities anonymous for a reason. "There's a reason why the judge has kept the jurors' identities anonymous," Steele noted.

Earlier this week, a juror was excused from the trial after loved ones figured out she had been selected. Some jurors have even opted out of the trial altogether due to concerns about being threatened or facing intense scrutiny. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who had to move houses after receiving threats, said the jurors should all have immediate protection given the tense political climate in the country.

Why this matters: The attempts to expose anonymous jurors in such a high-profile political trial raise serious concerns about the ability to conduct a fair trial and the safety of citizens serving on juries. It underscores the increasingly partisan and volatile nature of the U.S. political and media landscape.

Steele emphasized the importance of citizens being able to serve on juries in a dispassionate manner without fear of retribution or harassment. In a blistering message directed at Watters, Steele told the Fox News host to "shut the hell up and let it rest" since he has no idea how the jury will ultimately rule in the case. The former RNC chair sees Watters' actions as a blatant attempt to further undermine the judicial process in this consequential trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Former RNC chair Michael Steele criticized Fox's Jesse Watters for trying to reveal anonymous juror info.
  • Watters discussed a juror's occupation, education, and living situation on his show, drawing Steele's criticism.
  • Jurors have faced threats and scrutiny, leading some to opt out of the trial, per the article.
  • Attempts to expose anonymous jurors raise concerns about fair trials and juror safety, the article states.
  • Steele told Watters to "shut the hell up" and let the jury decide the case without interference.