MullenLowe Launches 'Trojan Bouquet' to Highlight Hiring Biases Against Mothers

MullenLowe launches "Trojan Bouquet" campaign to raise awareness about workplace biases against mothers re-entering the workforce. The campaign targets recruiters with flowers wrapped in resumes of mothers from their Momternship program.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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MullenLowe Launches 'Trojan Bouquet' to Highlight Hiring Biases Against Mothers

MullenLowe Launches 'Trojan Bouquet' to Highlight Hiring Biases Against Mothers

This Mother's Day, advertising agency MullenLowe is taking a stand against workplace biases faced by mothers seeking to return to the workforce. The company has launched a new campaign called 'Trojan Bouquet' to raise awareness about the challenges mothers encounter when re-entering the job market after taking time off to care for their children.

Recent studies from Harvard and Indeed reveal the stark reality: mothers are 6 times less likely to behired comparedto other job candidates. Furthermore, a staggering 73% of stay-at-home mothers face bias in the hiring process due to their parental status. These statistics highlight the urgent need for change in how companies perceive and treat mothers in the workforce.

Why this matters: This campaign sheds light on a pervasive issue that affects not only mothers but also the overall diversity and inclusivity of the workforce. By addressing these biases, companies can tap into a previously underutilized talent pool, leading to more innovative and effective teams.

MullenLowe's innovative 'Trojan Bouquet' initiative involves delivering flowers wrapped in resumes of past participants in their Momternship program to recruiters who are also mothers. The bouquets come with a poignant message:"Mums want more than flowers, they want opportunities. "By targeting recruiters who can empathize with the challenges faced by working mothers, MullenLowe aims to spark a conversation and encourage industry-wide support for providing equalopportunities tomothers.

The Momternship program, launched by MullenLowe in 2022, is a groundbreaking internship designed specifically to help mothers re-enter the workforce. Over the past two years, the program has received over 800 applicants, demonstrating the overwhelming demand for such initiatives.

The 'Trojan Bouquet' campaign and Momternship program are part of MullenLowe's ongoing efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the advertising industry. By addressing the specific challenges faced by mothers, the company is setting an example for others to follow. As more organizations recognize the value of a diverse workforce and take steps to eliminate biases, it is hoped that mothers will have greater opportunities to thrive in their careers without facing discrimination.