Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes Lanes on I-95 South in Richmond

Multi-vehicle crash on I-95 in Richmond causes major traffic backups, all lanes now reopened as authorities investigate the cause.

Mazhar Abbas
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Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes Lanes on I-95 South in Richmond

Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes Lanes on I-95 South in Richmond

A multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 95 South near Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia has caused significant traffic backups, with all southbound lanes except one closed. The crash occurred at mile marker 79.9, just before the Bryan Park interchange.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, southbound traffic is currently backed up to East Parham Road in Henrico. Drivers in the area are advised to use alternate routes and expect delays as crews work to clear the scene.

Why this matters: The crash and resulting lane closures are causing major traffic disruptions on a heavily traveled interstate during peak travel times. Significant delays can be expected for commuters and through traffic in the Richmond area.

As of the latest update from VDOT, all lanes have now reopened and the crash scene is clear. "The scene is clear and all lanes are now open," VDOT reported.

No further details about the number of vehicles involved, injuries, or the cause of the crash have been released at this time. Authorities are investigating the incident.

Key Takeaways

  • Multi-vehicle crash on I-95 South in Richmond, VA caused significant traffic backups.
  • All southbound lanes except one were closed due to the crash at mile marker 79.9.
  • Southbound traffic was backed up to East Parham Road, causing major disruptions.
  • Authorities have reopened all lanes and cleared the crash scene.
  • Details about the number of vehicles, injuries, or cause of the crash have not been released.