NYPD Arrests Over 100 NYU Students and Faculty at Pro-Palestinian Protest

NYPD arrests over 120 people, including NYU students and faculty, during pro-Palestinian protest on campus, raising concerns about free speech, safety, and antisemitism.

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NYPD Arrests Over 100 NYU Students and Faculty at Pro-Palestinian Protest

NYPD Arrests Over 100 NYU Students and Faculty at Pro-Palestinian Protest

The New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed the arrests of more than 120 people, including New York University (NYU) students and faculty members, during a pro -Palestinian protest on the university's lower Manhattan campus Monday night. The majority of those arrested, 116 individuals, were released with summonses for trespassing, while four others faced charges of resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

The protest at NYU mirrored similar demonstrations at nearby Columbia University last week, where over 100 protesters were also arrested. Protesters had set up a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" at NYU's Gould Plaza, which university officials deemed "considerably disruptive" and "antagonizing." NYU sent a letter to the NYPD requesting assistance to clear the plaza of individuals who were "interfering with the safety and security of our community" and refusing to disperse.

According to the university, the situation escalated when protesters breached barriers and continued the unauthorized demonstration. The NYPD reportedly "stormed in" during a Muslim prayer, and faculty members attempted to form a protective cordon around the students. NYU stated it had witnessed "disorderly, disruptive and antagonizing behavior" that demonstrated how quickly a protest could get out of control, and also reported several antisemitic incidents.

Why this matters: The arrests at NYU and other universities highlight the growing tension and conflict on college campuses surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The protests have raised concerns about the balance between free speech, campus safety, and the protection of students from harassment and discrimination.

Mayor Eric Adams suggested that some of the protesters were "outside agitators" who came to "aggravate" the situation and "cause violence." A law enforcement source expressed dismay at the lack of serious consequences, stating that the protesters will "keep getting arrested and go back out and keep doing the same thing" because the system does not hold them accountable. Jewish students have reported feeling increasingly unsafe due to antisemitic harassment, with some considering leaving their schools.

Key Takeaways

  • NYPD arrested over 120 people, mostly NYU students/faculty, at pro-Palestinian protest.
  • Protest mirrored similar demonstrations at Columbia University last week.
  • NYU deemed the protest "considerably disruptive" and requested NYPD assistance to clear the plaza.
  • Arrests highlight growing tensions on college campuses over the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
  • Jewish students report feeling increasingly unsafe due to antisemitic harassment.