Oklahoma City Unveils $4M Renovation ofPaseo Arts District

Oklahoma City officials will unveil the renovated Paseo Arts District on May 11, 2024, featuring $4 million in improvements. The project includes new sidewalks, roads, parking, and landscaping, enhancing accessibility and safety ahead of the Paseo Arts Festival.

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Oklahoma City Unveils $4M Renovation ofPaseo Arts District

Oklahoma City Unveils $4M Renovation ofPaseo Arts District

Oklahoma City officials will unveil the newly transformed Paseo Arts District on May 11, 2024, featuring a range of improvements worth $4 million. The renovation project, funded by the city's Better Streets, Safer City bond election, aims to enhance the district's infrastructure and safety ahead of Memorial Day Weekend's Paseo Arts Festival.

The Paseo Arts District, originally known as "Spanish Village," was built around walkability 100 years ago. However, over the decades, the sidewalks fell into disrepair, becoming non-ADA compliant and posing trip hazards for residents and visitors. "In Oklahoma that's ancient history around here," said Mayor David Holt.

Why this matters: This renovation project sets a precedent for urban revitalization efforts in Oklahoma City, demonstrating the city's commitment to accessibility and community development. By investing in infrastructure improvements, the city can attract more visitors, support local businesses, and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents.

The key upgrades in the $4 million renovation include new sidewalks, freshly paved roads, better parking, new benches, and landscaping. The sidewalks have been widened to approximately 10 feet across, with the construction of ramps and guardrails to ensure safe navigation for individuals with disabilities. "They weren't ADA compliant. So you'd have like a little bit of climb that you would have to get over. But you can't do that if you have a walker. You can't do that if you have a wheelchair,"explained City Councilman James Cooper.

The city partnered with local businesses to ensure accessibility throughout the renovation process. According to Mike Clark, project manager for the city of OKC, "From a construction standpoint, you can always bring more crews in. But at some point, it becomes so disruptive that the district can't handle it. So, you're looking for that balance of how much can I get done in what amount of time and still allow some pedestrian access, vehicular access."

Residents and business owners are thrilled with the renovation, citing improved accessibility and ease of navigation. "It's been a beautiful change,"said resident Matt Goad. The festivalis expected to attract a large crowd, and the renovated district is poised to provide a welcoming and safe environment for visitors.

Looking ahead, City Councilman James Cooper announced that MAPS 4 will construct new sidewalks in the Paseo neighborhood, further enhancing the area's accessibility and walkability. The $4 million renovation of the Paseo Arts District marks a significant step forward in Oklahoma City's efforts to revitalize its historic areas and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment for residents and visitors alike.