President Biden Reveals Suicidal Thoughts After Family Tragedy in 1972

President Biden opens up about contemplating suicide after the tragic death of his first wife and daughter, highlighting the importance of support systems during difficult times.

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President Biden Reveals Suicidal Thoughts After Family Tragedy in 1972

President Biden Reveals Suicidal Thoughts After Family Tragedy in 1972

In a surprise interview with Howard Stern, President Joe Biden revealed that he contemplated suicide after the tragic car accident in 1972 that killed his first wife Neilia and their infant daughter Naomi. Biden said he considered jumping off the Delaware Memorial Bridge, but ultimately decided against it for the sake of his two surviving sons, Beau and Hunter.

The startling revelation came as Biden, who was a 30-year-old newly elected senator at the time, opened up about the somber period in his life following the devastating loss. "I thought about going to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and jumping off," Biden told Stern. "But I didn't do it because I had to take care of my boys." "I felt like I had reached the 'top of the mountain' and thought I would never be okay again," Biden said of his state of mind after the accident.

Biden also shared that he had thought about numbing his pain with alcohol, but his family history with alcoholism prevented him from doing so. Instead, he credited the assistance of his close family, including his sister Valerie and brothers Jim and Frank, for helping him through the grieving process. "I considered getting drunk to ease the pain of the tragedy, even though I don't drink," Biden admitted.

The president later found love again with his current wife, Jill Biden, whom he married in 1977. They expanded their family with daughter Ashley in 1981. Biden has previously spoken about the importance of reaching out to those going through difficult times, as it can provide comfort and support.

Why this matters: President Biden's candid revelation sheds light on the immense personal struggles and mental health challenges he faced in the aftermath of the tragic loss of his first wife and daughter. His story resonates with many who have experienced grief and highlights the importance of support systems during difficult times.

The wide-ranging interview with Howard Stern also covered other aspects of Biden's personal and professional life, including his willingness to debate former President Trump before the fall election. Trump quickly agreed to the potential clash. Biden's openness about his past struggles and resilience in the face of tragedy provides a rare glimpse into the president's personal life as the 2024 election approaches.

Key Takeaways

  • Biden contemplated suicide after 1972 car crash that killed wife and daughter.
  • Biden considered jumping off Delaware Memorial Bridge but decided against it.
  • Biden considered drinking to numb the pain but refrained due to family history.
  • Biden's family and close relatives helped him through the grieving process.
  • Biden's openness about his struggles provides insight into his personal life.