Sean Hannity Lists Oyster Bay Estate for $13.75M Amid Move to Florida

Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity is selling his 10,600-square-foot Long Island estate in Oyster Bay, New York, for $13.75 million, as he relocates to Florida, a move that may impact local politics and the media landscape. The luxurious waterfront property features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and opulent amenities, including a private dock, tennis court, and par-three golf course." This description focuses on the primary topic (Sean Hannity's relocation and sale of his estate), the main entities (Hannity, Fox News, and the properties in New York and Florida), the context (the political and media landscape), and the significant actions and implications (the potential impact on local politics and the media market). The description also includes objective and relevant details about the property that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content.

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Sean Hannity Lists Oyster Bay Estate for $13.75M Amid Move to Florida

Sean Hannity Lists Oyster Bay Estate for $13.75M Amid Move to Florida

Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity has put his sprawling 10,600-square-foot estate in Oyster Bay, New York, on the market for a staggering $13.75 million. The listing comes on the heels of Hannity's announcement that he will be permanently relocating to Florida, a move he has referred to as embracing the "free state of Florida."

Why this matters: Hannity's relocation to Florida may signal a shift in the political landscape, as influential figures like him can impact local politics and voting demographics. This move could also have implications for the media landscape, as Hannity's presence in Florida may attract other conservative personalities and influence the state's media market.

Situated on 5.76 acres of prime waterfront land in the exclusive Long Island enclave of Centre Island, Hannity's seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom manor boasts luxurious amenities befitting its hefty price tag. The estate features an 81-foot private dock, 500 feet of frontage along Oyster Bay, and direct access to the bay and beyond, making it a boater's paradise.

Inside, the home showcases a gourmet kitchen described as "a chef's paradise," complete with top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry, and a spacious center island. The kitchen's opulent details include "gleaming marble countertops, and a professional-grade gas range, ensuring an unparalleled cooking experience for even the most discerning chef."

The estate's outdoor amenities rival those of a luxury resort, with a swimming pool, tennis court, and even a par-three golf course on the premises. These features provide endless opportunities for recreation and entertainment, making the property an oasis for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Hannity purchased the Oyster Bay estate 16 years ago for $8.5 million, meaning the current listing price represents a substantial $5.2 million increase in value. The Fox News personality's decision to sell his New York residence and move to Florida comes after he confirmed his relocation plans in a recent interview with Senator Marco Rubio, stating, "You're going to be my senator."

The listing of Hannity's Oyster Bay estate for $13.75 million marks a significant shift for the conservative commentator, who has been a prominent figure in the Fox News network for years. As he embarks on his new chapter in Florida, broadcasting his shows from studios in Palm Beach, the sale of his Long Island home serves as a clear indication of his commitment to embracing the Sunshine State as his permanent residence.

Key Takeaways

  • Sean Hannity lists his 10,600-sqft Long Island estate for $13.75 million.
  • The estate features 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and luxurious waterfront amenities.
  • Hannity is relocating to Florida, citing it as the "free state of Florida."
  • The move may impact local politics and the media landscape in Florida.
  • Hannity purchased the estate 16 years ago for $8.5 million, a $5.2 million increase in value.