Sen. Tom Cotton Defends Calls for Forcible Removal of Pro-Palestine Protesters

Senator Cotton defends calls for forcible removal of pro-Palestine protesters, drawing criticism for inciting violence against lawful demonstrations over the Gaza conflict.

Nitish Verma
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Sen. Tom Cotton Defends Calls for Forcible Removal  of Pro-Palestine Protesters

Sen. Tom Cotton Defends Calls for Forcible Removal of Pro-Palestine Protesters

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, has defended his calls for the forcible removal of pro-Palestine protesters who are blocking traffic in cities across the United States. Cotton urged people delayed by the protests to "take matters into their own hands" to remove the protesters, whom he referred to as "pro-Hamas vigilantes" and "criminals."

The comments came after protests over the war in Gaza closed down San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge for several hours, leading to 26 arrests. California Highway Patrol Chief Don Goodbrand stated that blocking roadways and preventing people from getting to work or emergency personnel from helping is unlawful.

Cotton suggested that if similar protests happened in Arkansas, the protesters would have been "tossed overboard" by the people whose roads they were blocking, rather than by law enforcement. He also implied that protesters would have had their skin "ripped off" if they had glued themselves to cars or the pavement.

Why this matters: Cotton's remarks have been criticized as inciting violence against protesters who were exercising their right to demonstrate. The issue of U.S. policy toward Israel amid the war in Gaza has divided politicians, with growing frustration over pro-Palestinian protesters using disruptive tactics to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis.

Law enforcement officials have stated that people should not take matters into their own hands and that even exiting a vehicle to respond could get a driver into legal trouble. Cotton's comments drew comparisons to his previous controversial op-ed advocating for the use of the National Guard to quell nationwide protests in 2020.

The senator has a history of controversial statements, including calling for charges against "mob vigilantes" who defaced or destroyed statues. While some have cheered Cotton's endorsement of force against protesters, others have reminded him that what he is proposing is considered assault under the law.

Key Takeaways

  • Sen. Cotton defends calls to forcibly remove pro-Palestine protesters blocking traffic.
  • Protests over the Gaza war closed San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, leading to arrests.
  • Cotton suggests protesters in Arkansas would have been "tossed overboard" or had skin "ripped off".
  • Cotton's remarks criticized as inciting violence against protesters exercising free speech.
  • Law enforcement warns against taking matters into one's own hands, as it could lead to legal trouble.