Speedrunners Smash Records in New Game Animal Well

Speedrunners are rapidly completing the newly released game Animal Well, with the current any% world record being broken multiple times, showcasing the game's immediate appeal and the speedrunning community's eagerness to master it. The game, developed by solo developer Billy Basso, has topped Steam's top seller chart and is now a hotbed for competitive speedrunning, with players optimizing routes to achieve record times." This description focuses on the primary topic of speedrunning in Animal Well, the main entity being the game and its developer, and the context of the speedrunning community. It highlights the significant action of speedrunners breaking records and the implication of the game's popularity. The description also provides objective details, such as the game's platform and developer, which will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content.

Nitish Verma
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Speedrunners Smash Records in New Game Animal Well

Speedrunners Smash Records in New Game Animal Well

Animal Well, a newly released game by solo developer Billy Basso, has quickly become a sensation, topping Steam's top seller chart after receiving glowing reviews. While most players take four to six hours to complete the main story, speedrunners have already found ways to blaze through the game in under five minutes.

YouTubers have started posting videos of their speedruns, with some completing the game in record times. The current any% world record, meaning the fastest time without any restrictions, is constantly being broken as runners optimize routes to the game's final plunger.

Just hours after YouTuber Hubert0987 set a world record with a time of 4:44, runner The DemonSlayer6669 claimed the top spot with a run 18 seconds faster. The DemonSlayer6669's time of 4:26 may be the first recorded sub-4:30 run in Animal Well.

Despite Animal Well being less than a week old, a speedrunning community is already forming around the game. Experienced players are competing to showcase their skills, with their sights potentially set on participating in the next major speedrunning event, Games Done Quick.

The rapid rise of Animal Well in the speedrunning scene demonstrates the game's immediate appeal and the eagerness of runners to master it. With new routes still being discovered and optimized, the any% world record is likely to fall even further in the coming days and weeks as the game's most skilled players continue to push the limits of what's possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Animal Well tops Steam's top seller chart with glowing reviews.
  • Speedrunners complete the game in under 5 minutes, with a current record of 4:26.
  • YouTubers post speedrun videos, breaking records and optimizing routes.
  • A speedrunning community forms around the game, eyeing Games Done Quick.
  • The game's appeal and optimization potential drive the speedrunning scene.