Starfield Update 4 Revitalizes Game Ahead of Shattered Space DLC

Bethesda releases Update 4 for Starfield, introducing performance and visual modes, an Extreme difficulty setting, and expanded ship customization options. The update has reignited player interest, with fans praising the improvements and looking forward to future updates, including the introduction of land vehicles.

Salman Khan
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Starfield Update 4 Revitalizes Game Ahead of Shattered Space DLC

Starfield Update 4 Revitalizes Game Ahead of Shattered Space DLC

Bethesda has released Update 4 for its highly anticipated space RPG, Starfield, on May 1, 2024. The update, currently available in the Steam beta branch, introduces significant improvements and new features that have reignited player interest in the game. Starfield, which launched in September 2023, had been plagued by critical issues that hindered the gaming experience for many players.

One of the most notable changes in Update 4 is the introduction ofpatch, performanceand visual modes, which dramatically improve the game's FPS rate. Players can now choose between prioritizing performance or visual fidelity, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. Bethesda has also optimized CPU performance, alleviating bottlenecks that made exploring cities like Neon and New Atlantis challenging even for high-end gaming systems.

In addition to performance improvements, Update 4 introduces an Extreme difficulty setting for players seeking a greater challenge. This new mode offers a more demanding experience compared to the base game's combat, which some players found too easy. The update also expands adds, maps, gameplay, options, quality, life, larg ship customization options, allowing players to fully furnish and personalize the interior of their vessels using new empty ship hab modules.

Starfield's art director, Istvan Pely, highlighted the improvements made to the game's surface and city maps, stating,"We took what's there, we blew it all up, and instead now we have a whole new aesthetic to the surface maps where you can see the terrain... It's a lot easier to find your way. "These enhancements, along with better inventory management and gameplay options, have made exploring the vast universe of Starfield a more enjoyable experience.

The positive receptionto Update 4 has been evident in the Starfield community. Players who had previously abandoned the game because of its issues are now returning, eager to experience the improvements firsthand. The update's release comes at a pivotal time for Bethesda, as they prepare to launch the highly anticipated Shattered Space DLC later this year.

Bethesda has assured fans that they are actively working on implementing further improvements and additions to Starfield in the coming months. One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of land vehicles, which will make planet-side exploration less time-consuming. While no release date has been specified for this feature, players are excited about the prospect of faster travel across the game's vast planets.

Update 4has laid the groundwork for a more polished and feature-rich experience in Starfield. With the upcoming release of the Shattered Space DLC and the promise of further updates, the game is on the cusp of becoming a benchmark for the space RPG genre. Bethesda's dedication to addressing player feedback and continuously improving the game has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the renewed enthusiasm within the gaming community.

Key Takeaways

  • Bethesda releases Update 4 for Starfield, addressing performance issues and adding new features.
  • Update 4 introduces performance, visual, and extreme difficulty modes for a smoother experience.
  • New ship customization options and surface map improvements enhance gameplay and exploration.
  • Land vehicles are coming soon, promising faster planet-side travel and exploration.
  • Update 4 sets the stage for a more polished Starfield experience, with more updates and DLC on the way.