Suspect Arrested in Fatal Beating of Transgender Woman Outside Miami City Ballet Building

Transgender woman brutally murdered in Miami, suspect arrested but motive unclear; community demands justice and calls for hate crime charges.

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Suspect Arrested in Fatal Beating of Transgender Woman Outside Miami City Ballet Building

Suspect Arrested in Fatal Beating of Transgender Woman Outside Miami City Ballet Building

Miami Beach police have arrested Gregory Fitzgerald Gibert, 53, and charged him with second-degree murder in the brutal killing of Andrea Dorias Dos Passos, a 37-year-old transgender woman. Dos Passos' body was discovered by a security guard outside the Miami City Ballet building, with massive trauma to her face and head.

Surveillance footage captured the horrific attack, showing Gibert approaching Dos Passos as she was sleeping near the building's entrance. He grabbed a metal pipe and struck her multiple times in the head and face before discarding the weapon in a nearby trash can and fleeing the scene.

Police were able to identify Gibert based on physical descriptions and a mugshot from a past arrest. When they located him at one of his known addresses, he was wearing the same clothing seen in the surveillance video, including shoes and shorts with apparent bloodstains.

At the time of the alleged murder, Gibert was out on probation for prior offenses including armed robbery and aggravated assault. He had recently been released from prison on April 17 after serving over a year in custody.

The motive for the killing remains unclear, and police have stated there is no evidence to suggest it was a hate crime targeting Dos Passos due to her transgender identity. However, the Flamingo Democrats organization has called for the State Attorney's Office to add a hate crime enhancement to the charges against Gibert. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office's Hate Crimes Unit is currently reviewing the case.

Why this matters: The brutal murder of Andrea Dorias Dos Passos has shocked the Miami community and raised concerns about violence against transgender individuals. As the police investigation and judicial process unfold, the case is likely to reignite discussions about the need for greater protections and awareness to combat attacks targeting vulnerable populations.

Dos Passos' stepfather expressed devastation over her loss, saying "She had no chance to defend herself or get away from this person. The system let her down." The Miami City Ballet & Museum shut down for the rest of the day following the discovery of Dos Passos' body near their building entrance. As the community mourns and calls for justice, the police department is urging anyone with information about the case to come forward to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Key Takeaways

  • Gregory Fitzgerald Gibert, 53, arrested for 2nd-degree murder of Andrea Dorias Dos Passos
  • Dos Passos, 37-year-old trans woman, found dead outside Miami City Ballet with head/face trauma
  • Surveillance footage shows Gibert striking Dos Passos with metal pipe, then fleeing the scene
  • Gibert was on probation for prior offenses, including armed robbery and aggravated assault
  • Flamingo Democrats call for hate crime enhancement, as police investigate motive for the killing