The Toast Bakery Relocates to Syracuse Amid Economic Hardship

The Toast, a beloved cafe and bakery in Cazenovia, NY, is closing on May 11, 2024, due to economic hardship following Cazenovia College's closure. The business will relocate to downtown Syracuse as Sugar Grove Cafe and Bakery, seeking a $200,000 loan to fund the move.

Nitish Verma
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The Toast Bakery Relocates to Syracuse Amid Economic Hardship

The Toast Bakery Relocates to Syracuse Amid Economic Hardship

The Toast, a beloved cafe and retail bakery in Cazenovia, New York, is closing its doors on May 11, 2024, and relocating to downtown Syracuse. The move comes as the business faces economic hardship following the 2023closure of Cazenovia College, which had a significant impact on the local economy.

Why this matters: The closure of The Toast in Cazenovia highlights the ripple effects of institutional closures on local businesses and communities. As more colleges and universities face financial struggles, the fate of surrounding businesses like The Toast serves as a warning for the potential economic consequences of these closures.

Owned by the mother-daughter team of Tonya Duffy and Kylie Gunnip, The Toast first opened its doors in 2015 in Canastota before moving to its current location in Cazenovia in 2020. The bakery has become known for its French-inspired pastries, including croissants and macarons, as well as itsbreakfast and lunch offerings.

In a statement, the owners explained the decision to relocate, saying, "In the wake of Cazenovia College's closing, the bakery has suffered an economic hardship, and in June of this year, the bakery plans to relocate... Owners/bakers Tonya Duffy and Kylie Ginnup believe that rebranding the business to 'Sugar Grove' and relocating to the city, to occupy a space that has high foot traffic and near a multitude of businesses, will provide an opportunity for the business to keep its doors open."

The new location, Sugar Grove Cafe and Bakery, will be situated in the Dey's Centennial Building at 401 S. Salina St. in downtown Syracuse. To fund the relocation, the owners are seeking a $200,000 loan from the Syracuse Economic Development Corp., which will cover expenses such as new lighting, fixtures, equipment, and furniture.

In a heartfelt social media post, Duffy and Gunnip expressed their gratitude for their customers and excitement for the new chapter, stating,"It has been an amazing journey the last 9 years in business, and we have changed so much as people and as a business... We are thankful for everything and everyone that The Toast has brought into our lives, but are excited to move and focus on what we love the most."

The closure of The Toast in Cazenovia marks the end of an era for the local community, but the owners remain optimistic about the future of their business in downtown Syracuse. As they prepare for the relocation, Duffy and Gunnip look forward to serving their loyal customers and welcoming new faces at Sugar Grove Cafe and Bakery.