TSM's Raven Criticizes Apex Legends' New Legend Alter as 'Useless' in Competitive Play

Professional gamer iiTzTimmy shares his gameplay experience with Apex Legends' new Legend Alter, showcasing strengths and weaknesses. TSM's Raven calls Alter "useless" for competitive play, sparking a debate among players about the character's viability.

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TSM's Raven Criticizes Apex Legends' New Legend Alter as 'Useless' in Competitive Play

TSM's Raven Criticizes Apex Legends' New Legend Alter as 'Useless' in Competitive Play

Apex Legends Season 21, released earlier this year, introduced a new playable Legend named Alter. While some players have been exploring Alter's abilities and potential, not everyone is convinced of the character's effectiveness, especially in the competitive scene.

Professional gamer and streamer iiTzTimmy recently shared his first gameplay experience with Alter, showcasing the Legend's strengths and weaknesses in intense fights against multiple enemies. While iiTzTimmy found Alter useful for rotations and pub matches, he questioned the character's viability in competitive play.

TSM's Raven, a professional Apex Legends player, has taken a more critical stance on Alter's competitive potential. Raven called out Alter as "useless" for competitive play in Season 21, citing the character's abilities as ineffective in strategic team settings.

Raven's criticism has sparked an ongoing debate among Apex Legends players about Alter's true potential and whether the character can find a place in the competitive meta. Some argue that Alter's abilities, while situationally useful, may not provide enough value to justify a spot on a competitive team.

Others point out that it may be too early to write off Alter completely, as players are still discovering new strategies and synergies with the Legend. They believe that with more time and experimentation, Alter could find a niche in competitive play.

iiTzTimmy's gameplay experience with Alter, recorded and shared on his YouTube channel on May 11, 2024, emphasized the importance of team coordination and communication. He provided updates on enemy positions and planned strategies with his team, demonstrating how Alter's abilities could be leveraged in the right situations.

As the Apex Legends community continues to explore Alter's capabilities, the debate surrounding the Legend's competitive viability remains unresolved. While Raven's criticism carries weight given his professional experience, it will be up to the players to ultimately determine whether Alter can carve out a place in the ever-evolving competitive landscape of Apex Legends Season 21.

Key Takeaways

  • Apex Legends Season 21 introduced new Legend Alter, sparking debate on competitive viability.
  • Pro gamer iiTzTimmy shared Alter gameplay, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • TSM's Raven called Alter "useless" for competitive play, citing ineffective abilities.
  • Players debate Alter's potential, with some seeing situational value and others seeking more time to experiment.
  • The community continues to explore Alter's capabilities, leaving competitive viability unresolved.