Tyrik Mott Charged in Violent Attacks on Seven Women Across Manhattan

Bronx man arrested for allegedly assaulting 7 women in Manhattan over a month. Attacks were unprovoked and led to injuries, raising concerns about public safety. Suspect faces hate crime charges.

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Tyrik Mott Charged in Violent Attacks on Seven Women Across Manhattan

Tyrik Mott Charged in Violent Attacks on Seven Women Across Manhattan

Tyrik Mott, a 31-year-old man from the Bronx, has been arrested and charged for allegedly attacking seven women in random, violent assaults across Manhattan over the past month. The attacks occurred between March 4 and April 17 in various locations across the borough, with Mott accused of punching the women in the head and face without provocation.

According to police, Mott targeted the women by hitting them from behind, causing injuries such as headaches and dizziness. The most recent attack took place on April 17. Mott was previously arrested in October 2021 for a similar assault.

When questioned by authorities, Mott claimed the women had spat on him, despite many of the attacks occurring from behind. He faces seven counts each of assault and attempted assault, with the charges elevated to hate crimes which carry harsher sentences.

Why this matters: The string of violent, unprovoked attacks on women has raised concerns about public safety in Manhattan. The case highlights the need for increased vigilance and measures to prevent such incidents and protect vulnerable individuals from random acts of violence.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg stated, "Tyrik Mott allegedly targeted seven women in separate assaults across Manhattan. These attacks were unprovoked and caused injuries to the victims. We will hold Mott accountable for these senseless acts of violence." Mott is currently being held pending further legal proceedings in the case.

Key Takeaways

  • Tyrik Mott, 31, arrested for 7 random, violent attacks on women in Manhattan.
  • Mott accused of punching women in the head/face without provocation, causing injuries.
  • Mott previously arrested in 2021 for similar assault, claims women spat on him.
  • Attacks raise concerns about public safety, charges elevated to hate crimes.
  • Manhattan DA vows to hold Mott accountable for "senseless acts of violence".