Zimpapers Maintains Media Dominance in Zimbabwe Despite Digital Shift

Zimpapers retains its position as Zimbabwe's media leader, with its newspapers, radio, and TV channels dominating the market despite digital disruption, showcasing the company's resilience and adaptability.

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Zimpapers Maintains Media Dominance in Zimbabwe Despite Digital Shift

Zimpapers Maintains Media Dominance in Zimbabwe Despite Digital Shift

Zimpapers, Zimbabwe's leading diversified media company, has retained its position as the market leader in the country's media environment, according to the latest Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) report. The company's newspapers, radio stations, and television channel continue to be the most widely consumed media platforms in Zimbabwe, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing digital migration.

The Herald, Zimpapers' flagship daily newspaper, maintained its status as the most read daily in the country, with 48% of those who had read any daily newspaper in the last four weeks having read it. Other Zimpapers publications, such as Chronicle and H-Metro, also commanded significant readership. In the weekly newspapers category, The Sunday Mail remained the dominant player, with 66.53% of those who had read any weekly paper in the past four weeks having read it.

Zimpapers' radio stations, including Star FM, Capitalk FM, and Diamond FM, performed well in the survey, with Star FM emerging as Zimbabwe's top radio station in most cities. The company's television channel, ZTN, showed tremendous growth in viewership, increasing from 0.6% last year to 2% in the latest survey.

Why this matters: Zimpapers' continued dominance in Zimbabwe's media industry highlights the company's ability to adapt and thrive in the face of digital disruption. In the evolving media landscape, Zimpapers' success serves as a model for other media companies seeking to maintain their relevance and reach in a changing environment.

Pikirayi Deketeke, Zimpapers CEO, expressed confidence in the company's investments in television and radio, stating that they are now bearing tremendous fruit. "Despite the challenges of digital migration, our newspapers, radios, and television channel remain market leaders in Zimbabwe. We will continue to invest in all our media products to ensure that our content remains the most sought-after by Zimbabwean readers, listeners, viewers, and digital followers," Deketeke said.

The ZAMPS report highlights Zimpapers' resilience and adaptability in the face of the rapidly evolving media landscape. As digital platforms continue to gain prominence, the company's ability to maintain its leadership position across print, radio, and television demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging with its audience across multiple channels.

Key Takeaways

  • Zimpapers remains the market leader in Zimbabwe's media industry.
  • The Herald is the most read daily newspaper, with 48% readership.
  • Zimpapers' radio stations, including Star FM, are top performers.
  • Zimpapers' TV channel, ZTN, has seen a significant viewership increase.
  • Zimpapers' diversified media strategy helps it adapt to digital disruption.